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Networx intranet solution rapidly improves information, data and application distribution to increase productivity and generate business efficiency.

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Networx Intranets are business focused knowledge management systems that improve access to key information for the benefit of the organisation as a whole. Within the Intranet software system documents and unstructured information are stored in logical sequence for designated personnel to access according to requirement.

To illustrate how an intranet benefits businesses lets look at a very simplified example for business A.

Intranet example for business A

Business A keeps a database of clients and a record of the orders they have made on the intranet as well as records of key documents such as brochures.

An existing customer telephones for product information. The staff member at Business A, who receives the phone call, looks up the customer's details on the intranet, scrolls through the list of available brochures - also on the intranet, and promises to send out the appropriate brochure. The employee then records on the system that a particular brochure needs to be sent to the customer.

In the despatch department the brochure despatch list on the intranet with the new entry is accessed on computer screen. Brochures are sent accordingle and are recorded as delivered.

Two days later the sales staff access the intranet to see who has received a brochure, they then make follow up calls. They log this on the system too.

The customer is impressed with the efficient service likes the products and purchases again from Business A.

Some key advantages in this example:

  • Improved Customer relationships Any staff member (with the appropriate access level) can carry out this operation as all information is centrally located. So it doesn't matter who takes the customer's call.
  • Accessible information If a staff member is absent then current status of all brochure requests is centrally available - not tied up in the absentees PC.
  • Less Admin Arranging for brochure despatch is automated so no phone calls to make.
  • Sales process tracking The Sales force can see exactly which brochures clients have received at any time and which products they have purchased.
  • Organised data All information is logically ordered and catalogued for immediate retrieval.

Basic Intranet Components

1. Kernel : Application
System Administration, the underlying database schema, controls permissions and overarching functionality across all applications, in particular Instant Messaging and Search.

2. Document Management System
Documents are controlled by a rights management system and use a check-in check-out system to avoid overwriting changes.

3. Content Management System
Content Management System provides a workflow for the creation of html pages, the approval of the result, and for permission-based viewing of them online.

4. Planning
Four individual applications, Calendar, Tasks, Holiday Planner and Courses.

5. Discussion Board
An effective, professional discussion forum allows everyone in your organisation to debate ideas and post questions and answers. Complete integration allows you to quickly access the skills profile of the authors of any post.

6. Communication
3 modules, they are Links, Instant Messaging, and SMS.

7. People
All companies have expert knowledge that resides in its people. An Intranet gives you a framework for publishing expert information in a controlled manner and uses familiar web browser tools.

8. Mail
Mail is a fully featured Web-mail application that allows you download mail from multiple accounts, automatically or manually.

9. Work flows
Work flow allow business processes to be automated on the system, a good example would be having expenses approved by different managers.

10. Audit
The Audit application continuously tracks all activity in the system, loging IP addresses as well as user name and group information.

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