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Worldwide exposure for your business. More visitors to your website. Measurable returns with accurate reports.

Networx Pay Per Click Programme is a comprehensive online marketing solution designed to significantly increase the numbers of visitors to your site.

Networx PPC increases qualified visitor traffic and maximises ROI through comprehensive coverage and efficient campaign management. Networx advertise only through recognised leading PPC portals with all major English language search engines and optionally cover foreign language sites. Every account is managed on a personal basis, so you'll always the pay the lowest available rate.

Networx PPC covers these top search engines: · About · Altavista· Ask Jeeves· BT Openworld· Channel 4· Cnet·· Easy internet café· Espotting· Excite · Freeserve· Google· Hotbot· Infospace· Inktomi· Looksmart· Lycos· MSN· Netscape· NTL Home · Overture· Time Warner· Tiscali· UK plus·· Yahoo UK and Ireland.

  What is Pay Per Click advertising? - Read our PPC Primer

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PPC advantages and benefits

PPC builds traffic - Click through rates from PPC advertising can be anything from 3% to 100%! PPC enhances branding - With your site listed at or near the top of the search page on over 20 major search engines, brand exposure is maximised.

PPC offers value for money - You only pay for the clicks you get, so your PPC advert is shown for free. You control the amount you are willing to pay, and set the limits on spending. PPC starts at 0.10USD per click.

Technical compatibility with CMS - PPC works with all website CMS technologies.

Data mining capability - Every click is logged against a keyword. This provides valuable information on the behaviour of web users and relative interest levels in your products and services.

With search engines adopting PPC positioning for keyword searches, PPC is now an essential tool in any serious online marketing campaign.

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Networx PPC - the comprehensive answer

Our PPC programme covers every aspect of managing your campaign.

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Start a Networx PPC campaign and get your site noticed!

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