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Paddington Waterside

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Case study: Paddington Waterside. PPC and SEO campaigns

"Networx have a wealth of experience in site marketing and provided quality and independent advice on search engine usage and contracts."
Kate Buxton Paddington Waterside Partnership

When Paddington Waterside Partnership chose Networx to develop their website in Partnership with design company SugarFree Design, they understood the importance of online marketing to audience generation and made it integral to the initial brief.

This approach presented an excellent opportunity for Networx to plan the online marketing requirement of the business from the beginning which would result in maximum SE expsure.

Networx built Key SEM elements into the website during the development process within copy generation, technical architecture and user interface design elements.

The results speak for themselves. Excellent search engine visibility and postion 1 or page 1 placings for several of the client's selected marketing keywords. Including; Paddington Offices, Paddington jobs, and Paddington Waterside at the time of writing.


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