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Search engines create more awarenesss about websites than all advertising combined including banners, newspapers TV and Radio. - IMT Strategies

For an average day, Web users report searching the Internet (57%) and looking for product information (46%) more often than any other activity except email.
(Statistical Research, Inc. Feb 17th, 2000)

Use search engines to bring new visitors to your website!

Search engines are the most popular way for people to find websites they haven't visited before. In fact over 45% of first time visits to websites are made as a result of searches at internet Search Engines and Directories - making them a huge, potential, internet traffic generating resource.

Networx Search Engine Optimisation and Registration service taps into this centre of internet activity, providing a constant stream of literally thousands of new visitors to host websites.

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What is SEO? - Read our primer on search engine optimisation here.

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Networx SEO services

1. Search keyword selection - Networx SEO consultants will first draw up a broad selection of keywords related to your services, and research the potential traffic that could result from each. Those that offer the best ROI will form the final keyword marketing list for the campaign.

2. Site optimisation - First we estimate your website's current search engine 'rank' for each keyword using up-to-date knowledge of search engines, in association with automated software. Then we make recommendations and apply changes to improve the likely position results. The higher the rank the more traffic you get.

3. Registration - your website is hand submitted to the major search engines and directories to ensure the best results. After a period, results are analysed and adjustments to the website made accordingly to improve rank. The site is then resubmitted. Within 6 weeks increased traffic will be apparent.

4. Reporting - each month a full report of results along with recommendations for actions is supplied, together with details of initiatives to further increase traffic where applicable. FAQ How many extra visitors can I expect? This depends on the search term popularity. The higher the number of searches made for a keyword, the larger the potential for driving large scale traffic. Networx SEO attracted over 30,000 visitors in the month of December to the website.

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