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A Networx CMS powered website provides professional sophisticated and above all easy to use management and updating control

Content managed websites

Easily control and manage your own website content whenever you want to.

For organisations who require a professional web presence with the flexibility to make regular website updates independently, a Networx website with integrated Content Management System (CMS) or CMS+Flash are the ideal choices.

Individually designed to your requirement, the Networx CMS powered website is an authentic expression of your brand, coupled with an advanced website Content Management System, that empowers you to control your own web presence from any internet connected PC.

Networx CMS simplifies the process of keeping your website up-to-date. It enables you to carry out the following site management procedures and many more:

CMS features  
CHANGE CONTENT Select the page you want to change and type directly. The page will be automatically updated.
ADD NEW PAGES Select the section you want to add a new page to (or create a new one) and type in the details of your new page. The page will automatically be added to the site.
MANAGE DOCUMENTS Add documents to your site through the document library and insert them into pages for people to download and read.
CREATE YOUR OWN NEWS SECTION Instantly add the latest news to your website news section and store or delete older items.
ADD IMAGES Illustrate your pages with images of your choice. Just add the image to your picture library then choose where you want it to appear.
COLLECT COMMENTS AND MARKETING INFORMATION Ask your customers to comment on your service or site and review them prior to publication. Collect e-mail addresses to create your own marketing list.
UPDATE NAVIGATION AUTOMATICALLY The navigation updates automaticaly whenver you add new pages and sections.


FORUM Add duscussion group features to your CMS website package and build community into your website
DOCUMENT LIBRARY Upload documents to your site and share them with colleagues and customers.


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CMS+FLASH - A great combination

Harness the interactive power of Macromedia Flash on your website and enjoy the independent control of a fully automated Content Management System with Networx CMS+Flash.

Networx CMS+Flash combines exciting interactive Flash multimedia with comprehensive site management tools to make maintaining and developing your Flash website simpler. Featuring the same useful site controls as CMS, the Networx CMS+Flash website enables you to manage your Flash enabled website automatically from any internet connected computer and manage your online business efficiently.

Example site:

About Flash
Unrivalled in online use for engaging audiences Flash offers a range of multimedia features; including movies, sound and animation - all of which can be built into your Netwox CMS+Flash website.

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