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Networx focus on developing solutions for our clients that deliver on the new opportunities offered by the internet

Custom websites

Develop your brand online and reach new markets

Our custom website solutions are focused on leveraging maximum advantage from the particular e-media opportunities available to individual businesses. In developing your solution we draw on our extensive experience in Technical Development, and expertise in Online Marketing, to effectively deliver targeted benefits.

ACCESS NEW MARKETS Many businesses and individuals are looking for goods and services on the internet. Your Networx website is your gateway to enter these new markets.
STRENGTHEN CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS A great internet solution speeds up business processes via electronic delivery of products, services and documentation. Leading to improved response and stronger customer relationships.
SAVE MONEY YOU SPEND LESS on paper, printing, and postage.

A website coupled with an extranet element will help your organisation to efficiently manage and distribute important documents and information to customers, clients and suppliers.

Networx custom websites - for companies that are serious about gaining advantage from being online.

Service details

Brand development - we realise how essential communication of the right brand values are to businesses large and small. With many years experience of developing online brands and setting online identity standards for worldwide organisations as well as SMEs, our design team have the capability to match your branding needs.

Online research - thorough research informs all our website development processes, and it provides our clients with an extremely useful snapshot of online activity which can help with both product and advertising decision making processes.

Website design - Networx have been designing websites for blue chip companies, and SMEs for over 7 years. When you entrust your website design to the Networx creative team you are gaining form our extensive experience and focus on designing for business benefit, and the fulfilment of our client's aims.

Technical development - we have the technical skills to bring your website project to life, whether e-commerce or knowledge management - ASP or Java. Networx application development provides fast reliable solutions to your technical needs. Previous projects include, bespoke content management applications, e-commerce application development, Java forms, Java calculators, knowledge management applications, and much more...

Site development - once we have created your site design we'll help you put it all together. We can select or commission images, work with writers to create editorial, code individual pages and provide training in your chosen software for site maintenance.

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